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Posted by LonesomeCrow at May 28, 2003 12:29:05 AM
Re: Can I transfer goods to another crew's ship?
Why limit trasnfer of good to crews or flags? Why won't I be allowed to transfer goods to other crews? If I or someone else runs out of rum out on the open sea, it would be nice to be able bring them rum.

I could then become the Y!PP equivalent of the highway helper ;-)

Also, don't know if its been filed as a bug, but several pirates in the crew have ordered Rum not knowing that they won't be able to deliver it to the hold.
Can we have an option of letting crew members see our orders? This way I can order rum, and let other officers have access to orders I've placed, and also then I can have me pirates order the rum, whilst I be attending to other business.
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