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Posted by Starfaller at Jul 14, 2005 7:23:06 PM
Re: Chat / Emote suggestion

[size=7]Ducks as I know Cyn is gonna hit me for this post

Since ty and tks and tx(I think?) all translate into piratey speech as Thank ye, is there anyway we can get one for yw(yer welcome)? I'd also love to have one for hb(hurry back)too but that may be pushing it. The reason I ask is because I often respond with yw when I am thanked and it makes pirates go "huh?" so I have to end up typing it out anyway. Making it more piratey would be ultimately way cool, too! Aye, I know about the np(no problem) one but I've never responded to a thank you with no problem.
Looseweed wrote: 

YPP bout fun. No bout ego

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