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Posted by Nemo at May 27, 2003 2:35:22 AM
Re: differences between ships
DonCarnage wrote: 
small ships with smaller crews are at an obvious disadvantage in the sea battle game

How is that? Larger ships take more bilgers to bilge and more carpenters to repair. Other than that, they have the huge disadvantages associated with fielding them. Throughout the rest of this forum we are debating how to make it easier for players to group up. It takes a major undertaking (and very deep pockets) to set sail on a larger ship. There's a lot of effort behind putting those four more sworders in the boarding swordfight (which may have been what you were talking about).

There are some more differences. I think more than enough. You mention yourself that with NPPs not running out of tokens anymore, it's harder to catch them. They're in the same ships you are. If you get more options, they get more options. The broader the range of moves, the harder it will be to catch them.

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