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Posted by spinn at Oct 22, 2003 5:07:41 AM
Re: [Idea] Sink or Sail Challenge
I like it, except for this point:

Luinwe wrote: 
- They will provide maps to the start and end points of the race. (For obvious reasons that information regarding the start and end points will be withheld until just prior to the start of the race.)

If they have to be given time to get a ship to the undisclosed location, then there's time for...whatever it is you're trying to avoid with this rule.

Could just tell them to be at a certain leaguepoint (or outside an island) with full damage to enter, though. You can sit at the leaguepoint for a short time beforehand to let the ship fall apart on its own. Though of course a battle would do that quicker, obviously.

If you want to take the brigand element out, though, just make it an inter-arch trip. Good straight seven-league shot should fit the bill nicely.
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