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Posted by Luinwe at Oct 20, 2003 4:59:56 AM
[Idea] Sink or Sail Challenge
Here is the challenge. Small Sloops are fitted with crews of 6 pirates or less with one impartial judge. The vessels are sailed to a common waypoint and forced to enter into sea battles in which they will be run aground. Once all the vessels have reach full damage and full bilges, they will disengage. The judges synchronize their times and start the race. The first one to the finish port wins.

Grand Prize: 100% of the entry fees, which ever is highest.

- Entrants will need to B.Y.O.S. (Bring Your Own Sloop) preferably without items in the hold and put up the entry fee of "fill in the blank" POE.
- Any Brigands/Navy attack during the race are to be expected. All we can say is avoid them as best you can.
- Any PvP attacks during the race will disqualify any entrant under the same flag as the attackers. Again, all we can say is avoid them as best you can.
- Any shady dealings, those people will be appropriately sanctioned.
- The judges will be onboard to ensure the vessels are truly damaged and sunk.
- They will not be allowed to assist in any of the puzzles.
- They will provide maps to the start and end points of the race. (For obvious reasons that information regarding the start and end points will be withheld until just prior to the start of the race.)
Senior Officer of the Enders

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