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Posted by shark2bait at Jun 8, 2005 2:25:29 AM
Re: True Pantheons
I was thinking about this some more. Make an algorithm based on island location and following of a specific deity (will use for consistency rather than accuracy in name).

This would work by a deity "having power" over an arch (at least in midnight). Say give the burner Jet. If another flag in Jet does not support the burner then the chance their island would be targeted in the algorithm would greatly be increased. Also as the distance away from Jet increases the likelihood of targeting would decrease.

There would also be a following philosophy added to the location in the decision. By having the same type of thing with location as with the deity?s philosophy. So a Builder philosophy island would have more of a chance to be targeted by the Burner than a Greevil or War island. You could also have other things that happen when sailing in a territory controlled by a deity with a philosophy less like the one your flag has taken. One thing you could have in place is harder brigands the farther from your deity?s territory, and/or your ship could show up more in the old salt rumors with more information about your ship the more distant the philosophies.

The key to this would be coming up with a number of philosophies (figure 8 for midnight) that have enough overlap that you can have some neutrals be placed near the center (Diamond and Emerald for midnight). Then you would have to make the territories besides the near neutrals be a wheel like structure around the map so that the opposite philosophies would be on opposite sides of the board, with those of more like philosophies be next to each other.

Just some thoughts. If it was purely decided by an algorithm people would not have much to claim greifing with.

Another thing I just thought of is that deities could bribe flags to join their side. Not by giving things from magicing them, but by having followers donate stuff to win favor and then transferring X% to a flag while they are a follower. This could be useful to the more peace loving areas where they could donate to their deity to get a flag colonizing a more war-like territory to change, thus increasing the bribed flag's chance of being the next target and thus reducing the bribing flags' chances. This could add some competition between the OM's, giving them something for some friendly competition, while also giving the rest of the ocean a constant story line.

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