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Posted by cynestria at Jun 7, 2005 4:22:26 AM
Re: Chat / Emote suggestion
Squashbuckle wrote: 
Speaking of that infernal filter...

Any way "u" could become "ye" and "r" could become "are"? I think those changes are long overdue. Certainly more overdue than "gay" becoming "happy." (There are STILL gay NPPs, but I can't say their names.)

I'd argue quite the reverse, and say that taking the stupid thing *out* is long overdue.

If *profanity* is something people can choose whether or not they have filtered, why exactly is "brb" so hideous that it's forced?

I've already been forced by the stupid thing to thank people when I've been trying to break a word out into syllables, which was more than a little annoying. I can just see trying to tell someone where you go to school, but the game not allowing you to say the U whatever. That's up there with a board I used to post on having the word filters set so high that you couldn't post the day "Saturday" because it contained "turd". It's just silly.
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