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Posted by Dylan at Jun 7, 2005 1:12:23 AM
Re: True Pantheons
Yes, you could interpret it that way (and at the worst end of the scale, you should).

But the intent is to post-vet, rather than pre. Basically 3 strikes and you're out type thing - but not out of the game, rather out of the innings.

The deities personalities are not intended to restrict allowable blockades in the least (or in other words, at all). They are intended to provide a reason for one deity to say 'this week, my followers will attack your followers'.

They needn't even do the roleplaying themselves (perhaps the devotees of the 'creative' deity could do humorous scripts for all combinations of attacks).

The vibes I am getting from the forums (read: the boss) right now is that although there are have been too many blockades at say, hrm... Jorvik, there haven't been enough at say Xi. This suggestion would give a reason for everybody (supporting a certain deity) to attack Xi in a blockade without feeling that they will be persecuted by CT and allies for the rest of eternity.

That kind of thing. We make it very clear that the actual OMs involved are role-playing the roll of a die. They would have NO in-game power except to veto their OWN supporters 'unfair' blockades. If some of them get in to role-playing on a higher level along with the players, that would be great, but no magicking up stuff for players or anything.


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