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Posted by Dylan at Jun 7, 2005 12:30:22 AM
True Pantheons
Just as the Greek Gods took power from the Titans, it is theoretically possible to have 'Pantheons' in each ocean. Let me start by disclaiming that the following idea is not intended to increase the work-load on Ringers or OMs, but rather rebalance it.

The 'game design' idea of this is that each flag MUST choose one of the available 'deities' if they wish to own or even contest islands. The ONLY additional new rule is that this deity (and no other) can veto the dropping of the chest, either within 12 hours of the drop, or by having a blacklist of flags.

However, there will doubtless be one or two 'rogue' deities willing to promote/provoke some mayhem in the world of mortal noseless pirates too! Or this could be random: say we have 6 deities in Midnight; roll 2d6 for attacker and defender: doubles means mayhem, or no action, depending on the deity's nature (Hades -> mayhem, etc).

The advantage of this idea is simple: while still leaving players with 99.9% of the work, it keeps final accountability there - just as for example a student club might have a senior treasurer.

There could be different ways of currying favour with each deity: one might be a simple PoE sink, another require artistic skill, another bloodthirsty PvP (within reason), etc.

Once again the intent is not to do away with the current system of alliances, but rather to add another layer to the onion of the world.

To give a better example, yet without using current OM names, but rather concepts, there could be the following deities:

Harmony - hates fighting, and will only encourage it when she is badly insulted.
Militant - aims to rout out percieved baddies wherever they may be.
Creative - supports the arts by making sure there are no philistines around!
Earth-mother - Simply wishes to restore islands to their natural state. That doesn't mean no colonization, simply less.
Greevil - as long as it brings in money! Has an insatiable appetite for PoE, but rewards followers well too... if they do well.
Burner - wants to cause mayhem and chaos (all in the best possible taste).

Anyway, I think that gives a pretty good picture of the general idea. Cleaver knows the idea well, because he has run a game with much heavier developer involvement in the past. I'm sure many other players have been in similar worlds at some point.

At it's very simplest, it is just a blacklist (or whitelist, per deity) of flags that can't blockade, and as such solves the RD conandrum.

What it adds to the game is a way of introducing blockades in a friendlier fashion: there can be little player tarting when the storyline of the week is dictated by the role of a die. With luck, there will instead be a lot of role-playing, in forums and in game.

It is not the intent that players feel they need to curry favour with the OMs to be 'chosen' to lead a blockade - the fame system will take care of that! They can still initiate their own blockades as long as they have not been blacklisted by their own deity.



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