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Posted by LonesomeCrow at May 22, 2003 2:04:58 AM
Re: new sea pillage booty %?
The problem I've been seeing lately is while on a pillaging run, I generally have two choices. Attack the ships with the green circle, which I'm told is an indication that they be our equals, or I can attack the ship with the blue circle - an indication that they be weaker.

I don't really see much outside of these two, sure, the occasional Brig with a yellow/red circle, or sometimes a kinda teal. I'm not finding these indications to be very accurate. I've seen results all over the board.
After losing badly to a ship with a blue circle, I've easily beaten ships with a hard green circle. And vice versa.

I'm at the point where I don't know who to attack! :-) And I get a little put off when I get warned about the black ship for picking on 'weaker' crews, who pummel us worse than a ship with twice as many opponents.

So I'd like some clarification. Does green mean equal in number, or rating? And how is this calculated? matched up indivudually, or as a whole?

But to keep on topic of the thread, I tend to agree with the idea that closer matches should yeild more booty. this will encourage closer fights, which will increase the 'fun factor' even fer the loosers, (we almost had em!)

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