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Posted by Parthanos at Aug 9, 2005 4:00:00 PM
Re: Suggestion: mute text
Devonin wrote: 
Generally you mute somebody who is offending or annoying you.

If they found out that you had muted them, that would give them
a) The knowledge that they successfully annoyed you
b) The knowledge that you muted them, and that they could therefore go load up a new pirate and continue annoying you

I like it how it is, really.

Yes and no. We have complain commands in the game to deal with this form of abuse. Still, knowing ye are muted would save hours of tells lost to the winds. Of course, I would NEVER know how that feels......:)
Long retired, mostly expired

Angelmarie tells you, "*nods* I know. :) La Giustazia Inpronouncable.... ;)"

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