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Posted by RonenOsden at Jul 26, 2020 3:07:54 PM
Lots for sale, bundle deals for 3+ items - Looking to BUY - Tan Chameleon
Please post here, PM or /tell me in-game. Bundle deals (3+ items) will get discounts.

125k Un Tan Monkey
75k Un Tan/Tan Parrot

200k Un Plum/Navy Panda
75k ea Un Gold Tiger x4

10k Dastardly Mustache Wax x1

7.5k ea Plum x49 - 5k ea when you buy 3 or more. 200k for all 49

15k Archelon model
10k Gorgonyx model
5k Triketos model x4

250k Copernican Sphere
100k Scarab
50k Ancient table - Aqua
50k Pot of gold - banana
5k Explosive barrel
2.5k Fireworks barrel - Royal blue/banana, Royal blue/chocolate
500 Harpoon barrel x3
40k ea Crystal balls - blue x1, orange x3, purple x2, red x5
2.5k ea Model ships - I have a few extra of almost all, contact me
3-10k ea Plushies - archeleon x2, gorgonyx x2, Atlantean dragoon, hedgehog, seal, dog, triketos x9
5k Striped chair - Plum/navy
5k ea Sofa - Plum/navy x3
2.5k ea Sofa - Red/pink, banana/white
10k ea Exotic canopy bed - Plum/navy x2
5k Small chest - Defiant
5k Sofa - banana/white
500 autumn tapestry - gold/wine
500 vampiric candelabra - grey
5k ea Eggs - Bookly's gold mummy egg, faeree's owl egg, scythera's molten egg
1k smuggler powder bag x2
2.5k ea Smuggler pyramid of barrels x2
1k ea smuggler barrel x3
2.5k Crate (medium, dark)
2.5k Smuggled arms crate
2.5k Smuggled arms
5k Smuggler crate (large)

Assorted Gold Box furni, if your looking for specific color combos, just ask.

500 ea Ming vase - royal blue x8
500 ea Royal carpet - Widow queen x3
500 Jeweled end table - yellow/lemon
1k ea Statues - monkey, octopus, parrot, raven x2

Of course there are too many to list. If you are looking for anything in-particular contact me.

Of course I am willing to trade for any LE cats I dont have. (See my yppedia page via link in signature)
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