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Posted by farmboy236 at Apr 17, 2020 2:34:50 PM
Furniture Spring Cleaning
Ahoy mates,

All of the following are for sale, and are OBO.

1x Atlantean Amphora 15,000
4x Broken Atalntean Amphora 5,000 ea
1x Anglefish Statue 25,000
2x Arechlon Model 10,000 ea
1x Atlantean Suit of Armor 25,000
2x Atlantean Seal 20,000 ea
2x Atlantean Statue 40,000 ea
1x Atlantean Priestess Statue 40,000
1x Smuggler Powder Bag 2,000
1x Royal Blue Fireworks 10,000
3x Fish Barrel 500 ea
2x Smuggler Crate Pyramid 10,000 ea
1x Smuggler Barrel 3,000
1x Royal Blue Eastern Bench 4,000
1x Large Skeleton Cannon 20,000
1x Large Gilded Cannon 20,000
1x Small Skeleton Cannon 10,000
1x Small Harpoon Cannon 3,000
3x Royal Blue Carved Table 10,000 ea
4x Royal Blue Cherry Trees 12,500 ea
1x Royal Blue Painted Chest 10,000
1x Spring Green Painted Chest 10,000
2x Royal Blue Crossed Candy Canes 10,000 ea
1x Royal Blue Crossed Heart 10,000
1x Royal Blue Crossed Swords 10,000
1x Maroon Gilded Candelabra 10,000
1x Violet Gilded End Table 5,000
1x Violet Gold Armor with Sword 10,000
1x Light Green Gold Armor with Sword 10,000
2x Atlantean Octopus Statue 20,000 ea
1x Black Banana Saturn Desktop 25,000
1x Sleeping Tortoise 100,000
2x Triketos Models 5,000 ea


Majorjr on Cerulean
Littlemenjr on Meridian
Major on Emerald

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