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Posted by Minsiem at Nov 28, 2019 6:34:15 PM
[Buying] Eggs from 2019
Copied and pasted from the winners' post from the event, since I couldn't find them in the egg post on the YPPedia! I don't know which were more limited or what price they were when they were available, so for now I'll offer a range of 10-20k each, just wanting one of each for my collection. Willing to haggle if there's an unforeseen scarcity.

Arfu's Dragon Fruit Egg

Arianne's Red Fox Egg

Budclare's Swirly Blue Egg

Cattrin's Purple Tulip Egg

Etrigan's Tartan Egg

Faeree's Scandi Egg

Greyladyy's Polar Bear Egg

Herowena's Leather Egg

Kevinstar's Rainbow Fishscale Egg

Kittykitty's Mondrian Egg

Ozzy's Bowtie Egg

Vanleigh's Minoan Egg

Minsiem, Like A Fox
Nimbelina, Any Minute Now

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