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Posted by Halfbrain5 at Jul 12, 2019 5:01:11 PM
I have 2 plum Valkyrie statues that I really don't need and a plum pig I would trade for something(s) really good. Here is the new list of what I know I want but there might be other stuff too (for example, I have never seen a chess queen light but it was listed as available in banana boxes.) If you think what you have to trade is worth more, I am open to discussion.

Plum giant crab statue
Banana Sea serpent display (statue)
Leprechaun display (statue)

Mint panda
Rosebushes any color
Giant Mushrooms any color

also looking for:

Any of these furniture items from barrel boxes: Recolorable Barrel, Papaya Barrel, Barrel Doll, Recolorable Fireworks Barrel, Toxic Barrel, Toxic Barrel (pyramid), Banana Barrel

(new condition) unwanted plants - I will pay 50% of cost to order at Crete & Barrel on Cnossos. For good or old I will pay less

handkerchief trinket. I will pay 1k for any not listed here or trade for any I have for sale in gallery sales room

Wax Elixir trinket from Halloween of 2012
Doggbreath, Rogues Riding Sell me your ink! any Cerulean island 500/unit

Yer daily horoscope reads: Investing in insane dogs will result in good health

Ohiya says, "By the way how many curly toads does it take to make curly toad slippers

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