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Posted by joandart at Mar 22, 2019 11:24:39 AM
People's Choice 2019- Vote For Your Favorite Non-Winning Egg Design! Winners Announced!

Winners Announced!

The EGG Design Contest 2019! Design Furniture for the Game event is finished and has been judged. Thus, it must be time for the People's Choice contest to begin!

How to enter your vote:

Choose your favorite 5 eggs from the rendered egg page on YPPedia, that do NOT include the winning entries, and were NOT created by yourself.
Record the name of the artist who made the egg, and the egg number (from left to right). If you are unsure of the egg number, click on the egg you want to vote for, and you will find the egg artist name and number.
Rank your favorite five eggs from 1 to 5 (with your most favorite being 1st)
[Click here to PM] your choices to me, along with your pirate name and ocean, by 11:59 PM game-time on April 5th, 2019.

Please don't post your choices in this thread!

Example of how to vote:

Your Pirate Name : Herowena
Your Pirate Ocean : Cerulean

1. Clotho's egg #6
2. Hera's egg #7
3. Nemesis's egg #1
4. Cronus's egg #8
5. Demeter's egg #4

[Click here to PM your vote to me! ]

How votes will be scored:

The People's Choice Easter Eggs votes will be scored using a points system:

1st choice = 5 points
2nd choice = 4 points
3rd choice = 3 points
4th choice = 2 points
5th choice = 1 point

The winning eggs will be those that score the most points overall.

If your egg is chosen as a winner of the People's Choice, you will receive unlimited bragging rights, and perhaps something nice from Clotho!

Please post any comments or questions in this thread but NOT your votes! [Click here to PM your votes to me]!
Herowena of Cerulean
Still Sleeping With The Fishes

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