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Posted by hidemyhoney at Mar 9, 2019 4:50:43 PM
Re: Idle times for main oceans
Hey congratulations, you have hit upon a Game Design suggestion that probably does not require a Developer to implement! Let us assume that there is an admin remaining who is still proficient enough to tweak the "knobs" of ocean parameters and give you what you want.

Unlike your incessant and futile proposals to rip out large swathes of code and content, this may have some merit! Congratulations!

p.s. I had not realized the dire situation of this game had advanced considerably: Forculus dropped a release on July 31, 2018 and subsequently vanished completely from sight. There have been zero updates (other than the appearance of a Competition for Christmas) and so, the reports of the death of this game have not been exaggerated whatsoever.

I agree with your point that theres been no update for 9 months. But doesn't give you a reason to derail threads for the past 4 years. Keep your posts for a seperate thread if you want to talk about, Developers doing nothing for past 9 months.
Lets bring the community together! <3

Yumisa is hawt (Its true, its damn true). Thanks for avvie.

A fellow victim of neglect, from YPP.

How on earth does Emerald still have players? lolidk

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