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The Hunt for the Killer! PR's Anole Garden Intent

Primordial Raiders-"Hello Obsidian I brought you a present!"
Obsidian- "An intent?"
Primordial Raiders- "That's right back in my day we used to make intents and this is a special intent and today I'm going to read it to you."
Obsidian- "Doesn't sound too bad I'll try to stay awake."
Primordial Raiders- "Why thank you so very much, so very nice of you! Your vote of confidence is overwhelming."

Anole Garden Intent, by Mattatron Chapter One.

Mattatron and Natedawg were raised on Emerald but soon found a new home on Obsidian. They liked to run pillies and fun events on Fridays with their new friends and flaggies. However then one dark day a six fingered Brigand King struck down their father after failing to pay a bribe at port. Mattatron was enraged! He searched high and low for the six fingered Brigand King until one day he found one of his cohorts. The old salt told Mattatron of a ship manned by Grechen Goldfang with a goodly cargo. Mattatron took to the sea, only to find Grechen holed up in a fortified flotilla with her band of ruffians. Mattatron had one clear choice, to sink every last one of them.

After many days and many ships sent to Davy Jones locker, Mattatron boarded Grechen's ship and confronted her.

"I'll never tell you who killed your father," she said "and just wait until my friend Barnabas the Pale hears of what you did to my fleet! He will come find you and hunt you down like the dog you are."

"Oh he won't have to find me" said Mattatron as he ran his blade through Grechen.

"Pull anchor mates!" Mattatron called to his crew "We need to go pay Barnabas a visit!"

Mattatron found Barnabas in deadly waters also surrounded by a flotilla of immense strength but this did not matter!

After a couple days of battle and the flotilla at the bottom of the sea, Mattatron confronted Barnabas who revealed that the Brigand King who killed his father was none other than Arzarbad the Great who was in control of Anole Island. Mattatron slayed Barnabas and pulled out the sword given to him by his father. He promised to finally bring justice and honor to his family.

Obsidian- "What happened next?"
Primordial Raiders- "That's up to you!"

Blockade Details
When:Saturday at 5pm Gametime
Where: Anole Garden
Pay:5k per Seg

Island Plans

We plan to build a Black Market to increase Brigand and Barbarian Spawns in the area.

As for Shoppes we plan to build a Shipyard for flag use and then public use afterwards. The second plot will be for an Ocean-wide event that we will announce in the near future.
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