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Posted by Stan5 at Jan 7, 2019 6:48:48 AM
#1 B-Nav Challenge

Things are getting a little dull on the notice boards, the Wild Seas are looking emptier everyday and it has been the same set of people on the #1 BNav list for months. I am challenging anyone who has never receivied the Ultimate Battle Navigator Trophy (and #1 Bnav Trophy) on their pirate to go after the trophy and receive a reward.

Contest Dates: 1/8/2019 - 2/7/2019

Eligibility: Everyone is eligible to enter, however the pirate you will be entering into the contest must have not received the Ultimate Battle Navigator trophy prior to the first day of the contest. Pirates interested in entering must either post the pirate name they are using on the forums, or send me a tell in-game before they receive the #1 BNav trophy or the entry would be invalid. Pirates with Ultimate trophies are now eligible to enter at my discretion.

1st person to reach the #1 trophy - Named Tan Monkey + Roguemarks to rename it
2nd Person to reach the #1 Trophy - 1 mil PoE
3rd Person to reach the #1 Trophy - 500k PoE.
4th Person to reach the #1 Trophy - Custom-Renamed Sloop [Courtesy of Betty]

For any questions, details, or to be added to the eligible entrant list, please either post here, send me a private message on the forums, or send me a tell in-game (Stan, Obsidian).

Current eligible Entrants:
- Baiet
- Banaz
- Carmens
- Cedar
- Coboltx
- Icce
- Jaymonkey
- Jimbycool
- Mattatron
- Ryujin
- Ryuo
- Smitey
- Sweetpotato

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