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Posted by Dunsparce1 at Dec 14, 2018 2:34:33 AM
Re: The Great Fedorov was Perma Banned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
When I started playing on Cerulean I was warned about interacting with Fedorov by some players for having said this and that.
We have had our arguments and there were times that he crossed the line for me, but he apologized to me afterwards of his own accord.
But there were also times that he would help out on blockades, flotillas and other voyages. He just seems like a very passionate player to me, sometimes a bit too passionate.

Like Woodenneye puts it:

Cerulean has so few people left... we "old-timers" tend to have our habits now, taking our ease if. you will... This sometimes includes somewhat inappropriate use of global chat...etc.. but this is part of this stage of the life cycle of the game... Adds a bit of "pimiento" to the landscape, so to speak.

We all have our quirks, I don't get why he had to be banned now when there have been similar arguments before.
Dunsparce on Emerald
Emiya on Cerulean

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