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Posted by Flotch at Dec 13, 2018 3:38:51 PM
Re: The Great Fedorov was Perma Banned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Fedorov is a hearty... he has always been courteous/kind to me.

Yes he is "special" with his passionate blockade commentaries etc...
However, I believe that he is entitled to his opinions...

This is what makes a multi-player game interesting: diversity of playing styles, strategies, goals etc etc... and means of expression!

For me his unique voice is part of Cerulean history, culture, "folklore" even...

I wasn't online when the "argument" occurred, just when his alt announced he had been banned. But I've heard many many of his "passionately outraged speeches" and they never seemed ban-worthy to me.

I do hope they will let him come back.

Cerulean has so few people left... we "old-timers" tend to have our habits now, taking our ease if. you will... This sometimes includes somewhat inappropriate use of global chat...etc.. but this is part of this stage of the life cycle of the game... Adds a bit of "pimiento" to the landscape, so to speak.

Give him a chance please, just as others in the past have been given chances when their "offenses" were minor "annoyances".

Woodenneye, on Cerulean

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