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Posted by Halfbrain5 at Dec 10, 2018 3:17:00 PM
Re: buying banana rosebushes and other stuff that I remember to add to the list
also buying new polar panda

2 Grapefoots, Grapefeet, Darkwine Yetis 500k each
banana seal 125k
gold big cat (striped) 150k

tan octo [note:This trade includes very valuable items.] 85k

(2) green,(2) red, (3) purple, (1) black, (3) orange (1) blue crystal ball 20k each
fairy display - brown flowers 40k

ice blue, banana, spring green, blue grey, chocolate 3k each, 2k each 10 or more (all 9 chocolate 2k each)
plum,wine 5k each, 4k each 10 or more

more furniture & trinkets in sales room of Roguesriding's gallery on Cnossos (use event tab for free whisk)

all wrapped maps free for memming - I accept donations of maps too
Doggbreath, Rogues Riding Sell me your ink! any Cerulean island 500/unit

Yer daily horoscope reads: Investing in insane dogs will result in good health

Ohiya says, "By the way how many curly toads does it take to make curly toad slippers

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