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Posted by Hera at Nov 4, 2018 9:44:47 PM
December (not) Daily Doodles, 2018 edition! Starting Thur 6 Dec!

December (not) Daily Doodles! December (not) Daily Doodles!

December is HERE! You know what that means, right? Right?? This year our holidays have been cancelled but that is ok because it means we get to run the December Doodles IN DECEMBER! What fun! It is time to start preparing and you know the drill; prepare your pens, paper and random possibly useful stuff from around the house and be ready to DOODLE with the first event starting on December 6th . Remember, we may require the use of holiday notions such as wrapping paper, cards, ribbons or any to complete some of the tasks so remember to not recycle holiday detritus too early!

Doodles will happen twice a week starting from Thursday 6 December* - a creative contest will be posted, once on Tuesday and once on Thursday. Most, if not all, of these contests will be forum-based and will require entries before the next event is posted. The contests will be posted around 11 AM at the beginning of each contest day, and will close 3-4 days later (Tuesday contests will close at 11 AM on Thursday, and Thursday contest will close at 11 AM on Tuesday). There will be a variety of prizes during the event and they won't be pre-announced.

There will be multiple forum threads for this event. This sticky thread will contain a running summary of events, winners and prizes. Each doodle will then have its own entry thread.

The general rules for the forum contests are as follows (stolen from previous years, but it will broadly apply to this year too)
  • Only one entry per player in each contest, but you may enter as many different contests as you wish during the month.
  • In earlier years, we tended to have Dedicated Doodler prizes for those who completed all Doodles during the month. As this is a lesser achievement with only two doodles a week, we will have to see how entries go this year to decide whether or not to do this. We'll do something for Dedicated Doodlers, but it may be something a little different e.g. a prize draw between Dedicated Doodlers rather than a prize for each? We'll see how many of you there are!
  • You must include your pirate name and ocean at the top of each entry post. Make sure you use the pirate and ocean for which you would want to receive a prize.
  • We will try to make the instructions clear for each contest. As the contests are short, don't get too hung up on the minutiae of rules. Just read the instructions and have a go at following them.
  • If we say "draw", we generally mean the creation of a 2D picture, whether that's done by hand or by computer. Where more physical media are allowed, we will remember to say so.
  • If we say "original" or "must be your own work", we mean that you must create something from scratch, without the use of game art or other resources.
  • Plagiarism: this is the use of someone else's work, claiming it as your own, and applies to all contest types. Don't do it!
  • The entry threads are going to be busy enough without chat. Keep the entry thread just for entries please!
  • The general rules on avoiding tasteless or offensive material apply at all times on this forum but we are mentioning them again here just in case.
  • Judging will be completed as soon as possible after the contest has closed, and usually within a day of the contest closing. Winners and prizes will be posted in the second post of this thread once judging is complete, as well as a more detailed results post at the end of each Doodle's entry thread. At any one time, therefore, there is likely to be one contest open for entries and one contest being judged.
  • Clotho, Hera and Nemesis will be doing most of the judging, bringing in others as and when we need them. There will be a variety of events, though, and we are not going to get into discussions on the judging on any individual event.
  • We will try to deliver prizes as they are announced, but we may not always be as speedy as we would like! Please be patient with us!
  • Don't get hung up on the prizes and the winners. Lots of people participate, and only a few win prizes. Take part because it looks fun, it's an interesting challenge, and it's an opportunity to share your quick-fire skills with your fellow players or to try your hand and something different.

    If you're interested in how the Doodles work, take a look at one of the previous year's editions, linked from this page. We are following the same format that has been in place since 2012.

    *(with the exception of Tuesday 25th - that last Doodle will run on Thursday 27th and finish on 10:00am 29th!)

    Sun says, "Selling Hera, one careful owner, slightly foxed, very Zeused, for 800 million billion PoE, 250 indigo ribbons, a chipmunk familiar called Robin and a piece of moss!"

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