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Posted by Detail8 at Oct 17, 2018 3:25:05 AM
Re: So where are we heading to?
Those new Obsidian players didn't leave because of a lack of communication, they left because the game is fifteen years old and it's age really shows. The game is at the very end of its lifecycle - being kept alive by the original developers purely because they don't want to see it close. If it was a viable commercial product, Sega wouldn't have axed it to begin with.

Like most things in life, everything comes to an end.

That's so incorrect.

I don't want to be charged for advertising, but take a look at RS, they updated their graphics every time yes, but they brought back the oldschool version, which is performing even better than it used to be in 2007.

So not everything dies by age, instead, they have improved even more.

Definitely, it's the managed of the game

i agree i thought this was gonna eb like runescape as in the old school would be emer ect and then new updated graphics and a little upgrade on skills/puzzles even intoducing more puzzles.

me and a few guys n my crew had an idea on a minigame called pistol whipped.
where you can move your pirate side to side and they have to guess where you shoot, so say there is left - middle - right and then you say where your gonna shoot and they say where they are gonna move.

i thought that would be a good mini game but even small things like that to keep he game fun and still alive
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