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Posted by LJAmethyst at Oct 15, 2018 8:23:52 PM
Re: So where are we heading to?
Blockading has driven more people from the game than it ever kept. But whatever, it entertained some try hards and wannabe despots enough to build cults of personalities around them that sure made the mechanic seem important for a while.

But that's neither here nor there. Either you like playing or you don't, I can't tell you why I've been playing 15 years but I'm glad I have. The thing that would get me to play more than a couple hours a week would be bringing all my friends back, but, they grew old and have productive lives and it's cool and I'm happy for them all. I'm glad Grey Havens keeps this game on so I have somewhere to go for a while on my slow, lonely march to the grave.

Perhaps blockade pay was the straw that broke the blockading camel's back.

People claim that "poker killed the game" but the fundamental driver of poker players is to make BIG BUCK$ for the blockading game. Therefore, if poker killed the game, then auto-blockade-pay put the gun in its hand.

I would wager that RMT is also driven by the thirst for blockading funds.

I enjoyed BIG BUCK$ as a blockade jobber for quite a while. However, I grew weary and disillusioned when we were treated like cattle, especially the maneuver whereby we would be tricked, cajoled, or goaded into working like dogs during breaks. There is no pay during a break, so as a mercenary there is zero incentive for me to stay on station. Don't plank me because I take a much-needed break while the game is enforcing said break.

But yes, if you were willing to work like a galley slave, then jobbing in blockades is by far the most lucrative activity I ever found. Perhaps Bravery Badge stuff was better, but I never went in for any of that new-fangled high-falutin' witchery.
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