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Posted by Mitjana at Oct 15, 2018 12:03:16 AM
Re: Have spawns and the booty ramp been impacted by the swabbie change?

a GF with 3 humans is more successful pillaging then a ship full of humans. This makes zero sense nor has it helped the game, rarely do you see pillages loading now. (on Obsidian)

There's something wrong with normal pillages, everyone posting seems to agree on that for the most part. However I don't see how this is leading to calls for completely reversing a positive change in that people can take out any-size of ship and be successful.

I don't think many of the commenters on these forums are fairly representing the situation that existed before the change. If you played at a time-zone that wasn't populated you were going to find there were 0 pillages being run and anything bigger than a sloop pillage was pretty much non-existant. The swabbie change didn't fix that exactly as people dont like to job for greedy fighting, but at least it made it so those of us playing these low population times can at least enjoy something resembling the core gameplay

We still have trouble loading things normally, and while I absolutely agree with the main thought here that there is a problem with ws pillaging (And I think its worse and it impacts normal non-ws pillies too), I don't advocate one that makes it so people who play during my timezone go back to the game as it was before when we pretty much couldn't play.

I would like to see the developers comment on the situation though.

I'd really be curious to know how many more people actually go out and greedy bash now that its so lucrative compared to how many people actively ran ws pillies, on account of greater good and all that

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