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Posted by Zenithar at Oct 2, 2018 12:12:30 PM
Re: So where are we heading to?
The rest of the points actually made sense. The blockade line just had me lol'ing. The game is way past the point of sustaining a player controlled economy(dubs) and its "end-game" content is shit.

Unironically allow the new fangled swabbied ships to exert influence in cades. If you can't make it like the days of yore with 5v5 WFs at least adjust it to keep the cade people happy.

Pros: Would make blockades much more active and interesting affairs.

Cons: Would probably make them much, much cheaper to run and potentially lead to not caring about jobbers at all depending on how meta shakes out.

If you want to see a lot more endgame content the path is pretty simple.

1) Let ships fill with swabbies, but maybe not let swabbies count for influence. Debatable.

2) Slash the doubloon delivery fee on ships that are not limited Edition. Either remove it entirely or make it a tiny pittance. Large, all-around economic stimulus, see more sinking content, makes it easier for new players to start running a boat, and more blockading content.

You'd see a lot more cading activity because you'd drop the price floor but haven't really affected the price ceiling so you don't shoot your main revenue generation right in the leg.

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