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Posted by Shinito at Sep 29, 2018 9:56:42 AM
Re: So where are we heading to?
Trying to bring in new players for an extremely old and niche game through very artificial means like advertisement is always going to be the path of most resistance, as you're asking random people to use a minimum of ~10 hours a week for playing the game in an extremely competitive market.

The advice that most talks on MMOs will give is to keep old and experienced players engaged, as a loss of an active user who has put in over a thousand hours into your game is always going to be greater than a dozen greenies who don't last a month (especially on F2P games, where the cost of entry is minimal). Therefore at this point the plan should be two-fold: figuring out what keeps the current players in the game and focusing your content towards keeping them engaged. Secondly, conducting surveys on players who quit and introducing new content to bring them back. Dark Seas is a project that does both and is seeming to fail at it due to bad design choices creating improper incentives instead of healthy competition.

Due to the development team consisting of a single person updates should focus towards quality of life and keeping a healthy player-base that can keep the game's political and economical mechanics chugging along. And so far that is the biggest failure of Grey Havens management, as they have failed to properly express their goals and scope of future development for Puzzle Pirates, as well as they failed to create a proper dialogue with the community.

Large updates and bringing in new players is not realistic. The best course of action is to polish existing mechanics, focus on endgame stuff like blockades, and keep a up consistent communications with the community. Only with stable foundations is it possible to work towards something bigger.
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