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Posted by Wackyraces at Sep 28, 2018 8:01:01 PM
Re: So where are we heading to?
Yes its sad days around here at the moment. Will it revive itself? I don't think it will unless they start changing something.

For starters if they can't be bothered designing new kh maps with new treasure locations (instead of just adding rocks) couldn't they simply flip the maps horizontally so all the treasure locations would need to be approached differently?

When obisidian ocean first opened I remember all the elites going over there and being very elitish when it came to jobbing people. Rarely did newbs get much of a chance to get onto a kh or smh of some type. Even the pillies were asking for good stats. Not a newb friendly ocean imo.

Partly I think that was due to low on funds to begin with and also sinking risks were high and so understandably captains wanted people who could keep them afloat.

People like surprises. How about having random whirlpools around the ocean that drag your ship down to lost city of atlantis to fray/puzzle/forage whatever and then back up again. Once back up the whirlpool disappears and will re-emerge in another unknown location around the ocean. Bit more incentive and fun for people running pillages or whatever.

A lot of people like to be the bomber on kh runs. How about a new smh that is a mash up of all the smh's? All go in as bombers and have to take out several key locations before lantis thingy pops up and after that is finished all need to bomb kraken and once kraken has been bombed 7 times (if on a sloop) he drops and island emerges and you forage.

How about some round the ocean races? Or some relay races where an item has to passed from ship to ship.

But most of all. Just be nice to the newbs. They have to start somewhere and are the future of the game.


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