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Posted by Zenithar at Sep 19, 2018 6:39:49 PM
Re: Community Shopkeeping Spreadsheets Preview and Feature Requests

First, a very minor one, your "estimated cost" for commodities, and the "with tax" column are the same. It looks like you might have added the tax into the estimated value

Second, I'm not sure how you are calculating the "estimated cost" for commodities, it kind of looks like you are taking the average of all buy prices for a specific island.

Trying to figure out a good "estimated cost", in my experience, can be a tricky problem. This is a problem I worked hard to get a good answer to, and I have a program that gives me good results that I have used for easily over 5 years. More on that later.

Averaging all the commodity buy prices fails a lot of the time . For example, there are a lot of people who are buying large quantiles of gold nuggets for 1PoE each, and including those will give bogus results.

Using just one island can also cause a lot of problems. The <merchant bots> will tend to sell to islands that give the best price. So, if one island prices iron at 9PoE, while the next island over is buying iron at 10PoE, <merchant bots> will usually skip the cheaper island. There can be a lot of reasons for shopkeepers to under price their commodities. First, the other island may have just recently raised their prices and the shopkeepers on the lower price island may not have notices yet. Also, the shopkeepers on the lower prices island may not be selling much, so an occasional <merchant bot> delivery is all they need, but if you run your store well, you may sell a lot. Blindly following the other island merchants can get you into a lot of trouble.

Third, merry christmans. In particular, look at the "market price" database.

Fourth, I'm used to playing on subscription oceans and the labor costs are about half what you show. Is labor really that expensive on Obsidian? I guess you have to factor in the dub cost for most labor badges, but the last time I played on a dub ocean (viridian), labor was cheaper than sub oceans.

Estimated cost of use includes sales tax for each item, but the override box doesn't - IE, if someone manually overrides the estimated costs with a specific one, it'll add the known sales tax and put it to the third column. Next draft will make the distinction clearer, tyty.


Right now, it's estimating the cost of use by taking the Highest offer on the specific island and the amount of quantity ordered within 10% of the highest buy offer to estimate roughly how much has to clear before a lower priced order would. If there's just one standout much higher priced then the rest of the island's orders, it ends up reduced - if pretty much all of the island is standardized on a price, that's what the estimate is.
I'll need to investigate more to see whether the estimated cost/island should incorporate the broader sales tax item valuation information or not.

I myself am aware of the economics interplay between islands but am trying to condense that down to a simple-to-understand estimate number for people who aren't.

The critique is helpful, it means I should think about this section some more.

(Part of the utility of the spreadsheet is meant to be able to quickly look at cost changes if one opens on different islands, so I have to incorporate local pricing somehow.)

@3: Thanks, that's a helpful resource of sorts. It's not going to be as easy to work with as querying SQL myself but after futzing about a lot with Google Sheets to import Yoweb (Those Yoweb TSVs would have retroactively saved me a ton of time but also a good chunk of learning) I think I'll be able to selectively import from the TSVs and do all my querying inside Google Sheets, strange as it may be. This is a really helpful piece of info, thanks kindly. The big key was that I needed something hosted somewhere to pull from.

I will probably incorporate that entire oceanwide market price sheet into this system as an additional referance point as well.

@4:It's worst for distilling. There's a drastic labor shortage on both low end and high end. I'm trying to mitigate the issue as a player somewhat with my mentioned-elsewhere 'Booched' alt program but that's just going to help a little bit.

Edit: Edited because I split the quotes up and it seemed to break the formatting, and edited 3 after looking over the info.

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