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Posted by hidemyhoney at Sep 16, 2018 7:32:41 PM
Re: Consideration For Renames
This thread is somewhat driven by a specific request I made for a rename, but I believe it applies to all renames.

I understand that custom renames reference and that proper nouns without additional definitions will be denied. My issue is how a proper noun is being determined.

My rename request included "Anole" as part of the custom rename. I did open a petition regarding this issue, but I referenced articles to show that "anole" isn't a proper noun. Understandably, I was told that only is used when determining whether the rename falls within the renaming guidelines. I do not take issue with this requirement

I am using this thread to describe how I believe you can tell, on, if a noun is truly a proper noun. If you look at "anole", it is listed in all lowercase letters with no reference to the first letter being capitalized.

But if you look at America, Earth, Enterprise, or Europe, you'll notice that the entry is either listed with the first letter capitalized (America and Europe). You could also see a reference that the first letter is often capitalized (Earth). Lastly, you could see a reference that shows specific instances where the first letter is capitalized (Enterprise).

If GH employees consider any of my logic to be faulty, I would like to understand where I'm wrong so that I can take that information into account on future rename requests.

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"a small, mainly arboreal American lizard with a throat fan that (in the male) is typically brightly coloured. Anoles have some ability to change colour."

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