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Posted by Ghostbeardz1 at Sep 16, 2018 11:48:19 AM
Re: Where is everyone?
I am coming back after about 10yrs. So far I have only seen npc's. Where is everyone playing these days?

Welcome Back to the Seas, FLRugbyChick!

Here are 3 Favorite Greeter Tips for Returning Players trying out different oceans:

- There are now many Free Airports called Galleries, which connect many of our favorite Pirate Cities. To find these free Gallery airports you can open the Notice Board menu on the ocean you are exploring & by clicking on the Events Page up on the top of your notice board. There will be a list of Galleries with free flights appearing on the Events page. (Here on Emerald our most popular Gallery airports are the ones with flights to our capital city of Admiral Isle)
- One really useful command for ocean explorers for checking how many people are online is by typing /who when you log on. The basic /who command will output the current count of online population to your Ahoy tab.
- Puzzle Pirates added a really fun new chat option "/global" which can be heard by pirates all across the ocean. Many friends use it to share news of events or parties & 1 of my favorite uses of /global is to hear news of Skellie Frays or Zombie Frays. To turn on /global chat type this phrase: /global-on

Welcome Back FLRugbyChick & Wishing you best of luck to you on all your ocean explorations out there!
Ghostbeards of Emerald
Senior Officer of The Royal United Navy

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