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Posted by wrs1864b at Sep 4, 2018 5:33:51 AM
Re: How do I colonize?
One (possibly easier) way to tell if an island is open. If it is uncolonized, look on the island. If it isn't able to blockaded, it will say Uninhabitable. If it is (this pretty much never happens at this point), it will say Unclaimed Land.

Good point about looking at the island tab of the island you are on.

As far as an island saying "unclaimed land", that won't happen for more than a few minutes as the way OOO/GH has been opening islands is by giving them to a brigand king, thus "claiming" them.

If the palace or fort dusts (assuming the OMs will allow it, I think they don't still)

It appears that the OMs still try not to let a fort/palace dust. I reported the Conglin fort on Cerulean a few days ago via petition, and the OM thanked me. See: Official Policy: dark forts and palaces However, if no one reports the buildings being dark, the OMs will let them dust. This happened earlier this year to the fort on Diastrophe on Cerulean. It took a couple of petitions before the OMs cleaned up the mess.
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