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Posted by Kyura94 at Aug 31, 2018 11:13:40 AM
Re: ramps in puzzles, or... the problamatic ones.
Zenithar wrote: 
Gunnery is one puzzle there's no ramp issue with - once you hit a certain experience total you can move a slider bar at the bottom and set your speed to whichever arbitrary point you want.
  • Any experience can play with the speed slider.
  • Not any arbitrary point. Your minimum speed is governed by the yellow line, which translates into OP's "gunning goes faster as you fail less guns" since the yellow line increases with every correct piece filled. That said, OP could choose to hyper-derank or throw out a bunch of pieces to lower his yellow line as desired, but that's quite annoying to do.

Filthyjake wrote: 
practice on an alt?
Yes. Easiest way by far.
Ryuken on Emerald (active) and Obsidian (not really)
I made an in-depth Distilling guide here, and a guns one somewhere.
I gave Obsidian their Owls c:

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