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Posted by eduardo6s at Aug 31, 2018 7:30:10 AM
Re: Have spawns and the booty ramp been impacted by the swabbie change?
So recently I decided I would try to get ULT bnav on Obsidian so I started doing WS pillys, I go on hard-very hard difficulty and I have also noticed this swabbies bug. On 5 man I can’t really build a big ramp as before even with 5/6 win streaks on WS with a dnaver scoring goods/excellents, most of time I get ships with 10 people and only when I screw up the ramp I get 8/9. Sometimes I even get longship spawns something that bnavers such as king Jeremy that was #1 bnaver has told me didn’t ever happen to him before the patch( he hasn’t bnaved ever since)

I’ve also been doing 6 man for test purposes and my last battle was a red Longship that engaged me after 2/3 max-1/0 battles. Even tho I maxed-1(2 naughty bumps) them I lost hard a 6-13, even tho it’s not impossible to win this it seems really hard and I don’t remember getting this spawns when I used to job for Jeremy also...

Right now WS is not worth doing for poe, only if you want to get your bnav stat up, but keep in mind poe will be horrible and frays very hard and not worth the poe you get from them, since the invisible swabbies seem to get a cut.

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