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Posted by asliceatoast at Aug 31, 2018 12:54:47 AM
ramps in puzzles, or... the problamatic ones.
ramps in puzzles.

there are lots of them, one for every puzzle.

but, the puzzle must be playable.

the problamatic ones are: shipwright, dutynav, gunning.
shipwright is talked about lots, having two 5 pieces makes or breaks the puzzle.

dutynav is just too reliant on the stars, every star is just too big of a jump.

but i'd like to complain about the gunning ramp.

gunning goes faster as you fail less guns. seems simple, unless you are me and you got a new mouse.

well, i cant practice now at max speed gunning with my new mouse, and i can't practice.

that is my complaint.
gunning is the only puzzle where the ramp effects the ability to practice. the ability to time everything perfectly needs to be done in a certain speed.

what does everyone else think?
tosl / grumpytosl @emerald or obsidian.

hopefully one day i will be able to play carpentry properly.

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