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Posted by EmpressTamar at Aug 29, 2018 11:32:12 AM
Re: Let's draw some arrt!
I'd love to order a larger piece from you as a family portrait :)

Name: Empresstamar & Reveran [don't include]
Ocean: Emerald
Reference: I have two family portraits listed here (you can click on them to see full size):
Details: Male pirate should be wearing night blue/black Musketeer hat, captain's jacket, loose pants with sash, fancy boots, blonde hair, brown eyes, short mustache and goatee. Female pirate should be wearing lavender/black muffin hat, corset, gown, boots, long curly dark brown hair, and brown eyes. I'd like there to be something to indicate our two favorite activities in game; his is battle navigating/atlantis and mine is patching.
Background: Yes; up to you
Pets/Fams: We have a toddler (male) and a newborn baby (female), light brown hair and brown eyes. I'll leave their clothing and poses up to you.
Pay: Message me to set up a day/time (use pirate time) and I'll be there!
Empresstamar of Emerald.
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