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Posted by Paulisma at Aug 22, 2018 1:11:14 AM
Re: Please for the love of the game fix this
Dubs are inflated for a reason. It's simply that the few players that want to spend real money on this game, are declining.

This is definitely not the main reason. Sure, fewer doubloon buyers directly result into high doubloon prices. The amount of PoE that comes in the game is just way too much to keep up with the amount of dubs, resulting in inflating doubloon prices. If the European Central Bank decides to print enormous amounts of Euro's you cannont expect that the Dollar/Euro exchange rate to stay constant. Therefore, if voyages and other in-game activities would pay out significantly less the dub price would also be significantly lower. However, most recent significant changes by OMs were done to increase in-game activity payouts. OMs should prioritize the doubloon supply section (highlighted a few examples on how to do this furhter down).

Over the years the YPP economy has shown it definitely fails on it's own. Either decreasing the PoE in-game or increasing the amount of doubloons in-game are the only fixes to the high doubloon prices. Unfortunately, OMs seem to haven chosen to not actively intervene the market.

How to decrease PoE in-game:
- Decrease in-game activity payouts (probably not the smartest thing to do)
- Increase PoE sinks (e.g. 20% of blockade poe goes to OMs.)

How to increase Doubloons in-game:
- More doubloons/dollar
- Make doubloons spawn in-game (e.g. instead of greedy purses spawning somewhere from 1 to 100k, make it 1 to 10 doubloons.)

Obviously there is many more ways to decrease PoE in-game and increase Doubloons in-game.
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