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Posted by lady_maeror at Aug 21, 2018 8:50:38 PM
Re: Please for the love of the game fix this
Dubs are inflated for a reason. It's simply that the few players that want to spend real money on this game, are declining. Most of you prefer to buy dubs with poe because you can afford to spend hours playing a game to make said poe. As for Jake and his plea to Pika, we all had an email response a few months back from GH in regards to the games direction. It was the sloppiest, most bullcrap email I have ever read and to be honest, many of us dub buyers decided to veto them.

It's not worth our money, as much as I love this game, it hasn't changed and is on the decline just like it was on my old ocean years ago. I have no reason to invest my money anymore when it isn't going to help. If they had said, "oh let's hire more staff to increase competitions, implement new designs, have more active OM etc" then yes, you would see dubs go down. But as the more or less lead of this game, said "hey I have no idea and don't really control this situation", then the $$$ we drop are just going to sink into someone's fat pockets and not back into the game where it is needed.
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