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Posted by wrs1864b at Aug 21, 2018 2:15:30 PM
Re: Please for the love of the game fix this
Robyns090 wrote: 
Interest on loans, and other financial products are, uh, products. There isn't a single country in the world that doesn't intervene in the supply and demand of most products. Besides interest rates, there are minimum wages, the FDA, OSHA, the EPA, zoning laws, farm price support, grazing rights of public lands at a fraction of the market value, tariffs, etc.

A am referring to physical products that can be purchased in stores rather than what you refer to,

Uh, let's see. The FDA controls what food and drugs can be sold. Those are physical items. OSHA controls work environments for people making physical items. Actually, almost everything I mentioned is about physical goods.

But really, the money supply is one of the most heavily controlled commodities. Places like the US, EU, Japan, etc. manage the amount of money very well. Places like Places like Zimbabwe and Venezuela have done a very poor job.

OOO/GH has also done a very poor job. They have made PoE *WAY* to easy to get. This drives up the amount of PoE you need to purchase a dub and as a result, for most products, most of the "cost" of a product is dubs.

Talk to people who still play Opal, Jade or Meridian about whether the exchange rate isn't a problem.

joshuawhelan wrote: 
I think it's the other way around kind of... getting the PoE to actually order something can be relatively easy, it's getting enough PoE to turn in to doubloons to deliver said item that really adds to the cost. For example on a war brig, 70%ish(?) of the overall cost is actually the doubloon delivery fee if you were buying from a stall.

Similarly, not many people are going to spend $200 on doubloons to pay their blockade jobbers or buy themselves cosmetic items if they're only getting 500 PoE per doubloon.

Yes, the problem is that PoE is far too easy to get. People will pay 1 dub for 500 PoE if getting PoE is as hard as it was 10 years ago. Indeed, they sometimes did. The exchange rate was around 1kPoE/dub for a couple of years before OOO started inflating things. Now, as you point out, the commod part of products is almost almost irrelevant. The current game wouldn't change much of you eliminated the recipes.

Yes, if GH cut the PoE fountains back, you wouldn't see 999PoE/seg blockades anymore, but that is another sign of the inflation that the game has had.
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