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Posted by Robyns090 at Aug 21, 2018 1:43:44 PM
Re: Please for the love of the game fix this
Interest on loans, and other financial products are, uh, products. There isn't a single country in the world that doesn't intervene in the supply and demand of most products. Besides interest rates, there are minimum wages, the FDA, OSHA, the EPA, zoning laws, farm price support, grazing rights of public lands at a fraction of the market value, tariffs, etc.

A am referring to physical products that can be purchased in stores rather than what you refer to, as I see that as the best real world equivalent to doub prices. As you cant compare it to currency exchange because their is no currency system like doubs and poe being used simultaneously in one country, that I am aware of. But thank you for talking about useless unrelated information....

Back to YPP and the dub exchange, while the players get to choose the exact value of the exchange, the game design sets the range. PoE fountains into the game easier? The price of dubs on the exchange goes up. Gold boxes go on sale? The PoE price of dubs goes up.

The dub market is also inherently unstable. For almost all things, the game requires you to sink dubs in order to sink PoE, so you need to have a reasonable ration of PoE to dubs. If the PoE price of dubs goes up, people who buy dubs with real money must put fewer dubs on the exchange in order to end up with the correct amount of PoE. This causes the exchange to go up more. Some people will start buying dubs with real money instead of the exchange, but a lot of people will just stop playing.

If the exchange rate isn't around 1k PoE per dub, the built in game design ratio of PoE to dubs, GH needs to fix the game.

The solution is pretty obvious, if doubs are too high stop buying them. If demand decreases while supply increases prices will go down.

But like I said earlier, there is no problem here.....

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