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Posted by Grinfish at Aug 18, 2018 4:49:24 AM
Re: Please for the love of the game fix this
I would think that the OMs would simply cancel the WFs in their shops rather than deliver them. If the *do* deliver them, I would think that they would magic up the dubs rather than buy them off the market

Yes they said you have till the end of the month to deliver or they will cancel them.

So now players the ordered them with out the plans or means to deliver them are scrambling to get the dubs they need to get the ships out.

Well, that's their own dumb fault, and not the doub market. Don't write cheques your booty can't cash.

The doub market is self-regulating - price too high, people won't buy, price too low, watch them go. Simple supply/demand economics. The moment you fix/cap it, you manipulate the market beyond the point where players have domain over their own economy. The caps already in place elsewhere (blockade pay, pillage payouts, table limits) already go far enough to restrain the doub market by proxy.
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