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Posted by Filthyjake at Aug 18, 2018 3:43:35 AM
Re: Please for the love of the game fix this
Your post is essentially asking the game to fix capitalism. This isn?t an exploit it?s how a ?free market? works...

Most capitalist countries do have regulations on markets and monitor free trade. They control things such as interest rates ect. When the prices have gaps of 50-75-100 poe its clear what is happening.

I am very aware of supply and demand

-More demand for labor than usual.
-Casino WF needing 150 dubs each.
-100's of abandoned WF's that suddenly need to get delivered at OM shoppes.

However people are inflating the prices to gouge the players due to the known high demand. Its fine if that is how things are going to be run but know that it doesn't help the game grow. Who does it really hurt the new player or those old salts that know how the market works? Its a form of open scamming in my opinion.

If they can place a max wage on kade pay they can place a max price on the dub market. If they chose to make it 9999 then the game is done as free to play is clearly not unless you want to make it a full time job.

There are ways to fix the gouging if they want to.

Remove the pay cap on Kades there will be a larger demand for poe as kades will be ridiculous and we know the kadders are large dub purchasers.

Put a slider so that all the dub bids can all be seen making it slightly more difficult to artificial inflate the price.

Anyway we can play with the same few players we have but the barrior of entry is way to high for new players even if they come they are not likely to stay as they are the ones most hurt by the high dub prices.

New player comes in finds the game its fun they play for a week or so get in a crew and are told if you have an officer badge and a ship you can be an officer. They realize that it is going to cost them 8 dubs for the O badge, 15 dubs for the sloop delivery.... 23 dubs not so bad they realize they need a sword 33 dubs average pillage battle pays 1k so it will take 3-4 battle wins to earn a dub so about an hour. Just play 33 hours to get the deliver dubs needed. Do they stick around and grind it out? based on the new players I have met or know personally I have found the answer is no they move on.
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