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Posted by Murcatto at Aug 15, 2018 9:24:38 AM
Re: Have spawns and the booty ramp been impacted by the swabbie change?
I've been putting off posting in this thread as one I thought it was pretty blatant that there was an issue with the change (So it'd be fixed) which resulted in the death of basically most pillaging in Wild Seas, but the other was I didn't have the numbers to back up any of my statements as I haven't bnavved in quite some time.

Numerous of my hearties who regularly participated in Wild Seas voyages from Bnavvers to jobbers, all discussed the same issues. The spawns had become more difficult, they were spawning LS with 5 men on a sloop. Plus the booty was drastically lowered.

All this would indicate as many others in the thread have suggested, the game distinctly believes you are carrying the swabbies onboard. Even when you are not and you have the slider set to 0 or fire the swabbies who were onboard your vessel. So it's not only giving you a spawn where the fray is more difficult when many already struggle to win WS frays, but also taking a cut from the pay for the use of the bot that isn't even on the ship.

Having read Rome suggest that the system isn't bad, it directly made me want to go out and pillage and show the large gulf in what's happening after this change.

I took a pillage out today, of which I'll post a screenshot below. I've had numerous arguments on Bnav scoring so let's not get into that here as you will notice my scores are just as bad across my high paying pillages, I go for speed where I can for my jobbers.

What you will notice from the image I've posted, second battle in we're spawning Long Ships, this is not normal for 5 people. I have a high experience on Obsidian and also on the other oceans. Which I'm using as an example of the fact I've led numerous pillages so I know in my own experience with 5 people prior to the swabby change. I have never once spawned a Long Ship with 5, I would with 6 which is why most high difficulty sloop pillages run with 5.

So not only battle 2 am I spawning Longships but the opposing bot number is higher than I'd generally get, as I normally average around 8 opponents with it climbing the deeper we go into the ramp. Most significantly though is the pay. It's crashed to levels around 06?

You will also notice in the above image I spawned a Red Baglah BK, again in my time on any sloop pillage, I've never spawned anything so large with 5 people aboard.

Now below I'll show some of the images of pillages I've done in the past when we were trying to find out why the booty on Obsidian fluctuated so much. So these numbers are from well before the change and the pay difference in terms of spawns is huge.

From everyone else who was adding to the collection, it was very similar from them all. None of them spawned a LS on a 5 man sloop under any circumstance and the pay was consistently larger than what we're dealing with currently. Everyone adding was also pillaging within Wild Seas.

So across numerous pillages, numerous different players the ramp wasn't this low, nor were the spawns this large. It would pretty much make it clear that the swabby change has caused an issue in the code somewhere I guess? I would say it certainly needs fixed as it's causing less Wild Seas pillages to be run, as even a Baglah is getting I think 700poe a jobber with a really good team onboard.

(edit I can link people to the drive if they want to look through more of the other pillages, just not posting the link incase someone maliciously deletes it, PM me if you'd like it.)
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