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Posted by Rick9109 at Aug 15, 2018 2:03:42 AM
Re: Have spawns and the booty ramp been impacted by the swabbie change?
You forgot to include the route, as that should make a difference as well?

If you keep tracking, maybe also try to track how many bots/humans were left alive after the melee?

Shur would probably be giggling at you for doing this, you know, in the way that he enjoyed the suffering of others within the game.

P.S.: A14/A15 have the wrong date

Lmao oh barnacle. I traveled back in time two months apparently after losing. Yeah I'm not the best record keeper.

I'll track the route too, that's not a problem. Almost surely Turtle-Alpha - Cnossos both times but best to mark it down just in case.

Surviving bots/humans should also be doable as long as I'm quick.

And yes Shur'd definitely find this whole distraction amusing.

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