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Posted by Rick9109 at Aug 4, 2018 9:28:37 PM
Re: Have spawns and the booty ramp been impacted by the swabbie change?
In response to some other people, I am not going to say the system is bad, because I think it is good for pirates who suck at driving.

While I won't go so far to say it's pointless to shoot before one hits their tier 2 line (because greedies, people's inability to deal with greedies, and a lot of swabbies of questionable value on your side), one certainly doesn't need to dominate the navigation portion to win the melee.

That really opens up the world of naving to a lot of individuals who otherwise would never be able to lead good pillages to lead good pillages.

So agreed, this sucks for my own personal fun, but I don't think I'm the type of person that the devs should be catering too, either, and I think this is good for the general game.

I think the fix might be the opponent dynamically spawning lower numbers if you reduce the swabbies as it did in the past.
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I don't care what it did to them, the game's been good to me.

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