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Posted by Rick9109 at Aug 4, 2018 9:20:03 PM
Re: Have spawns and the booty ramp been impacted by the swabbie change?
Anecdotally I think that it has both changed and not changed.

I feel comfortable saying even with a relatively small sample size of tests saying that the spawn always seems to assume you have the minimum number of swabbies. Which means you're spawning for lack of a better term, tier 2 spawns from the start.

(This term isn't perfectly descriptive because some ships can generate many different types of ships, sometimes out of order quality of opposition, but let's take a ship with formerly a stable and predictable spawning pattern such as a Merchant Brig. Tier 1 is your "minimum spawn" which was another MB, which will spawn for you no matter how few you have aboard. At, or around 15 fifteen pirates you begin to spawn a mix of full or nearly-full MBs and WBs with around 17 opponents).

From this point, spawns seem to be somewhat static in number--although not in might (more on that later)--as you add human pirates to the voyage, with perhaps an additional swabbie or two as compensation to the enemy if you're doing very well, but nowhere like the ramp you and I would previously be familiar with.

When you actually get to the pirates that would normally cause tier 2 spawns though (around 14-16 humans on a MB), interestingly enough, your spawns, at least in numbers (not quality of opponent) seem to revert to how spawns work had this change never been put in, and then you ramp from normal there (until your might cap, of course).

What is up for debate, though, and honestly I'm undecided on this, is how the spawns are affected during the period between your first human pirate hire and the Tier 2 line of humans. At least anecdotally it seems like it's behaving like it should, but one or two pirates added or leaving cause massive swings that are not reflective of the might of the human pirate who arrived or left. This leads to a roller coaster of payouts.

My theory is that part of it behaving "as it should" seems to mean that some of the opponent bots are very very bad because it's trying to make 19 pirates be good opponents for 6 humans and 13 bots, and the opponent formula knows how bad the swabbies we get are and adjusts accordingly, making Superbad Bots and we just are not getting paid very muchfor these Superbad Bots as opponents. Even one pirate leaving or going may result in more than one Superbad Bot replacing or being replaced by one of the normal bots from a normal spawn.

But of course no one has perfectly predicted payouts (or if they have,t hey haven't told me) before so this is all conjecture.

Well, I guess I'm going to start formally tracking this now, somewhere Shuranthae is proud, I hope.
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