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Posted by Lotus_elise3 at Aug 4, 2018 6:04:01 AM
Guerrilla Warfare Presents: The Sinking PvP Tournament - Win a Shoppe on Melanaster!
Guerrilla Warfare Presents: The Sinking PvP Tournament - Win a Shoppe on Melanaster!

Firstly congratulations again to Julie from Veto on the story writing competition, her tailor shoppe is in the process of being built!

I can now announce that the next event to win a Shoppe on Melanaster Island will be a Sinking PvP Tournament!

To enter the tournament you need to comment below with your Navigator, the 2 pirates you want to have onboard puzzling for you, and your 2 substitute puzzlers, you then need to provide a "Team Name"

The Rules:
  • Both sloops will need to be stocked with 50 rum and 250 cannonballs

  • As well as two real puzzlers each boat will also have 2 bots onboard

  • Substitutes: You may also provide the name of 2 substitute puzzlers in the event one of your or both of your first pick pirates are unable to participate in the PvP as planned. Once your substitute has been used they must remain in your team for the remainder of the tournament

  • Tournament will be randomly seeded and is knockout only

  • Battle Time Limit: 30 mins

  • If after 30mins neither boat has been sunk, the winner is whoever is up on shots at that precise moment. If tied on shots, the winner is the next person to go up a shot. If you both land shots in the same turn but at different moves (1 to 4) the winner is the person who lands the shot first

  • Puzzlers and bots can be moved around the ship as and when needed but the battle navigator MUST NOT puzzle.

  • Each ship will have a steward onboard to watch the battle (they will not puzzle) and some battles may be live streamed by Pasteyman from the crows nest, although moves and damage will be obscured of course. This is to provide the opportunity for those interested to watch the battles, but also to help independently monitor the shot counts in the event the battle reaches the 30 minute time limit.

  • PvP battles will be scheduled to take place on Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays at 12pm Game Time and take place outside of Melanaster Island

The Prize!
The winner of the PvP tournament will be awarded a Shoppe of their choice on Melanaster Island. Shoppe Deeds will be traded to the winning Battle Navigator unless specified otherwise prior to the tournament starting. The two puzzlers from the winning team will also be awarded PoE/other prizes but what and how much is TBC.

If anyone would like to volunteer as a steward watching the battle and keeping count of shots please PM me. Additionally if Pika or Betty would also be interested in streaming some of these battles please let me know.

*Disclaimer: If in the event we do not successfully defend Melanaster Island this weekend, the event will be postponed until it has been won back.

A Confirmed Basterd, Antix
Of Guerrilla Warfare 2018 fame

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