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Posted by Vulturas at Jul 17, 2018 1:29:25 AM
Re: Large Island Housing & Building Limits
I have to agree.

If the limit isn't increased, we'll have an island which we'll have to blockade for over name only, because realistically Melanaster will have 7 bazaars, 2 housing, and that leaves just ONE spot for a large shoppe.

We have Shacks (Multiple islands), Pirate Halls (Faction islands), Cottage (Magpie), Townhouse (Loggerhead), Villa (Loggerhead). So we're missing Cabins, Bungalows, Row Houses, Manors, Mansions, Estates, Galleries.

If we go logically, big islands will probably have 7 bazaars, 1 house and 2 large shoppe, that if the governing flag decides it even wants housing and 7 base bazaars and a house to begin with.

In the first case, we will need 6 large island launches to have one of each house. If we get 2 free housing spots, we can have all the possible housing in 3 large islands.

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