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Posted by joshuawhelan at Jul 16, 2018 6:56:12 PM
Re: Large Island Housing & Building Limits
Building too much housing will kill off any activity on Loggerhead & Magpie. Similarly, having space for a maximum of 3 shoppes for the island-holding flag on a large island seems perfectly reasonable. Anything more would be way too big of an advantage.

I hope that with some discussion here, a proper solution can be reached to ensure dark seas mechanics remain in effect, and that blockading on this ocean will always yield a reward to the winner.

The motivation to blockade an island shouldn't just be to build shoppes. Your entire post appears to be underlined by the fact that you feel owning an island isn't rewarding enough. Should GH really implement changes based on this alone? I'd be interested to hear what you feel the wider impact on things like the ocean's economy would be. You've only mentioned the impact on yourself.
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